And magical it was, indeed! The Sequoia Symphony created a series called "Musical Uplink" to find a way to keep performing during the pandemic. Though every video featured a different style or type of music, their ninth episode was a stunning adaptation of Leonard Bernstein's Fancy Free. Because of the piece's dance history, they decided to make this episode a mini dance film starring current Aladdin swing, Angelo Soriano, and myself. This was my first experience on a film set, and also first time performing since the world shut down. The whole process just reminded me how resilient and passionate artists truly are. You can see more behind the scenes pictures on my "Gallery" page, or check out the full video on my Instagram!


While post-grad life is looking a little different than I expected, I am learning some incredible things and growing as a person and performer, all things that I can hope will make real-NYC life that much easier! I have started my own training business called '3's a THREAT' which helps young performers with navigating top notch training, and learn professional standards. It started out in my small hometown in CA while visiting my parents because I just wanted to share my knowledge on topics I could only wish I had known before moving to NY! 3's a THREAT is incredibly rewarding and is often the best parts of my day. Whether it is college audition prep, private dance lessons, or as a guest teacher for larger dance classes, I'm your gal! 



Photo by Danny Celaya


And just like that, I am officially a New York City based actor! Syracuse University has a program called the "Tepper Semester" which means second semester of our senior year, we take all of our classes in New York. Unfortunately, we had to finish out the semester on Zoom, but the program did a great job at getting us some amazing online classes with industry professionals we may have never been able to meet in person! I'll admit, it wasn't how I thought my Tepper Semester would go, but I am so grateful for technology and the willingness and availability of the theatre community to continue to speak with us. Every day I am in awe of how accessible artists are being in offering dance classes and talkbacks online to keep the breath of theatre alive.

Last updated: March 23, 2021.