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choreo with carly

Choreo with Carly was created to help dancers, strong movers, movers, and people with two left feet (yes, even you!). Every person should feel confident in the dance tape they are submitting, so why submit choreography or dances you feel uncomfortable with? My goal is to create specific choreography based on you; what your strong suits are, how comfortable you are moving, and how to make your personality come across. It’s not all about how strong your triple pirouette is…it’s all about YOU.


  • An intro meeting with Carly to discuss goals and skills

  • Instructional and reference videos for each dance 

  • 2 uniquely choreographed dances fit to your skills set (Your choice on styles!)


  • Private lessons

  • Additional dance + videos



Carly was great working with my daughter for her college audition dances. She made my daughter feel comfortable in her movements and gave her the confidence she needed in an area she doesn't specialize in. We would recommend Carly to anybody!

Ready to get started? Let's dance!

Can't wait to dance with you!

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